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The growth of the internet has impacted profoundly on everyday life and the global economy. It has evolved into a global, interconnected network of systems and information – cyberspace – that we know today, transforming the conduct of business and opening new markets.

Threats to cyber security are persistent and constantly evolving. With an ever-growing number of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, online commerce and the private sector worldwide, security experts are finding that their work has become a race against the attackers.

The Cyber Security Review is designed to draw on the combined knowledge, skills and expertise of the cyber security community to identify the emerging threats and facilitate the development of coherent policies and robust capabilities.

Our mission is to promote dialogue and provide a platform for information exchange and cooperation between stakeholders, industry, academia and security experts worldwide.

Latest news 

  • Why You Should Gamify Your Cybersecurity Training

    October 4, 2017

    With big data breaches occurring almost weekly, companies are looking for ways to tighten up their cybersecurity training. Information security risks continue to evolve, and employees must be educated on the latest security vulnerabilities and encouraged to adapt their behaviors to address such exposures. The latest big data breach? Equifax. One of the nation’s three largest credit reporting companies was ...

  • Equifax Says 145.5M Affected by Breach, Ex-CEO Testifies

    October 3, 2017

    Equifax, the credit agency behind this summer’s breach of 143 million Americans, said this week the number of victims implicated in the breach has increased. Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr., the company’s interim CEO, announced Monday that 2.5 million additional Americans were also impacted, bringing the grand total to 145.5 million affected individuals. Equifax initially called its investigation around ...

  • Google Finds 7 Security Flaws in Widely Used Dnsmasq Network Software

    October 2, 2017

    Security researchers have discovered not one or two, but a total of seven security vulnerabilities in the popular open source Dnsmasq network services software, three of which could allow remote code execution on a vulnerable system and hijack it. Dnsmasq is a widely used lightweight network application tool designed to provide DNS (Domain Name System) forwarder, ...

  • IoT botnet Linux.ProxyM turns its grubby claws to spam rather than DDoS

    September 22, 2017

    An IoT botnet is making a nuisance of itself online after becoming a conduit for spam distribution. Linux.ProxyM has the capability to engage in email spam campaigns with marked difference to other IoT botnets, such as Mirai, that infamously offered a potent platform for running distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoSing). Other IoT botnets have been used as proxies ...