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The growth of the internet has impacted profoundly on everyday life and the global economy. It has evolved into a global, interconnected network of systems and information – cyberspace – that we know today, transforming the conduct of business and opening new markets.

Threats to cyber security are persistent and constantly evolving. With an ever-growing number of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, online commerce and the private sector worldwide, security experts are finding that their work has become a race against the attackers.

The Cyber Security Review is designed to draw on the combined knowledge, skills and expertise of the cyber security community to identify the emerging threats and facilitate the development of coherent policies and robust capabilities.

Our mission is to promote dialogue and provide a platform for information exchange and cooperation between stakeholders, industry, academia and security experts worldwide.

Latest news 

  • Melbourne accelerator program seeks APAC cybersecurity startups

    July 17, 2017

    A new cybersecurity accelerator program is set to launch in Melbourne this month, thanks to an incubator partnership between Deakin University and Dimension Data. The program, CyRise, is now looking for early-stage cybersecurity entrepreneurs and professionals from across Australia, New Zealand and APAC to apply for the six-month program. Participants will be based in Melbourne CBD coworking ...

  • Hacking cars: cybersecurity regulations needed for new vehicles

    July 16, 2017

    Imagine driving your pickup truck off-road and suddenly having your airbags and seat belts malfunction because of an object striking the undercarriage. That causes a software error in your smart vehicle, causing the computer to incorrectly turn off critical equipment that protects you. Sounds far fetched? It shouldn’t. It’s part of a recall notice that affected more than 200,000 ...

  • Hackers target Irish energy networks amid fears of further cyber attacks on UK’s crucial infrastructure

    July 15, 2017

    Hackers have targeted Irish energy networks amid warnings over the potential impact of intensifying cyber attacks on crucial infrastructure. Senior engineers at the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), which supplies both Northern Ireland and the Republic, were sent personalised emails containing malicious software by a group linked to Russia’s GRU intelligence agency, The Times reported. Analysts told the newspaper ...

  • Siemens Patches Authentication Bypass Flaw in SiPass Server

    July 14, 2017

    A handful of vulnerabilities in Siemens’ SiPass integrated server have been patched, including one that allows an attacker to bypass authentication on the box. SiPass is the company’s integrated access control server managing physical access in a number of industries and use cases. The product supports card readers and integrates with video surveillance equipment, among other ...

  • Two New Platforms Found Offering Cybercrime-as-a-Service to ‘Wannabe Hackers’

    July 14, 2017

    Cybercrime has continued to evolve and today exists in a highly organised form. Cybercrime has increasingly been commercialised, and itself become big business by renting out an expanded range of hacking tools and technologies, from exploit kits to ransomware, to help anyone build threats and launch attacks. In past few years, we have witnessed the increase in ...

  • Defence minister opens £3m cyber security centre in Gloucester

    July 14, 2017

    UK minister for defence procurement has opened Lockheed Martin’s job-creating cyber security centre aimed at boosting UK cyber defence capability and skills A new facility designed to help tackle cyber crime in the UK has opened in Gloucester as part of a £3m investment by Lockheed Martin. The Cyber Works centre, which employs 90 people, will enable Lockheed Martin ...

  • Industrial control security practitioners ‘working blind’ to protect their network

    July 14, 2017

    Four out of 10 industrial control security practitioners don’t have proper visibility into their ICS networks. This is according to a new study by the SANS Institute. Based on a poll of ICS practitioners and cybersecurity stakeholders across various verticals, including energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, the report says that 40 percent of defenders are actually ...

  • German military aviation command launches cyber threat initiative

    July 12, 2017

    The German military’s aviation safety chief has launched a new initiative against cyber threats, citing research that he said shows hackers can commandeer military airplanes with the help of equipment that costs about 5,000 euros ($5,700). A defense ministry spokesman told Reuters that development of new “aviation cyber expertise” would cover everything from raising consciousness about ...

  • Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data

    July 12, 2017

    Hackers breached the systems used by 14 different Trump Hotels properties between August 10, 2016 and March 9, 2017, managing to steal sensitive information like guests’ credit card details and other personal information. In a 9-page notification published on the official page, Trump Hotels informs customers that hackers managed to breach the systems of Sabre Hospitality ...

  • Duma passes bill on protection of Russian state data networks

    July 12, 2017

    Russia’s lower house has approved a bill that defines which of the country’s informational infrastructure is to be considered critical, while setting a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment for hackers that attack it. In the final draft of the bill published on the State Duma’s website, critical informational infrastructure is defined as data systems and ...

  • After Windows and Android, Operation Emmental Starts Targeting Apple Users

    July 11, 2017

    Security experts have discovered new malware that is specifically aimed at Apple customers, after previously targeting users running Windows and Android on their devices. Believed to be part of Operation Emmental, which was first spotted in 2012, the new malware is called Dok and is primarily targeting customers of Swiss banks, according to an in-depth analysis ...

  • Insurers may have to adjust policies to reflect ‘silent’ cyber risks

    July 11, 2017

    Insurers whose policies could give rise to claims for damage as a result of cyber attacks may have to adjust their policies or premiums to better reflect these risks, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has warned. Firms should also carry out regular ‘stress tests’ to ensure that they are properly resourced to respond to a large ...

  • Trump administration limits government use of Kaspersky Lab software

    July 11, 2017

    The Trump administration on Tuesday removed Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab from two lists of approved vendors used by government agencies to purchase technology equipment, amid concerns the cyber security firm’s products could be used by the Kremlin to gain entry into U.S. networks. The delisting represents the most concrete action taken against Kaspersky following months of mounting ...