A glimpse into the present state of security in robotics

The world of today continues its progress toward higher digitalization and mobility. From developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) through augmented reality to Industry 4.0, whichrely on stronger automation and use of robots, all of these bring more efficiency to production processes and improves user experience across the globe. According to some estimates, these systems will become the norm in wealthy households before 2040.

Nowadays, however, these “robots” are not limited to futuristic humanoid machines. They include various devices, such as robot arms in factories or delivery robots, autonomous cars, automated baby sitters, etc.

Digitized systems of the future will involve deployable robotic systems in highly networked environments, remotely communicating with various services and systems for higher efficiency. While for now, this is only expected to happen, and we cannot talk about real truly functional deployable robotic systems, there are already certain developments in that area.

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Source: Kaspersky