Encrypted communication ‘biggest problem’ in tackling terrorism, Europol warns

March 30, 2015

Monitoring threats to national security is becoming increasingly difficult as tech companies ramp up encryption efforts, Europol has warned.

The European Police Office’s Director, Rob Wainwright, says sophisticated, encrypted online communication and hidden areas of the Internet — known as the Dark web — are creating problems in tracking and monitoring terrorist suspects.

Speaking to the BBC as part of 5 Live Investigates, the Europol executive said sophisticated online communication is “the biggest problem” law enforcement officers face in this duty.

“It’s become perhaps the biggest problem for the police and the security service authorities in dealing with the threats from terrorism,” Wainwright told the news agency. “It’s changed the very nature of counter-terrorist work from one that has been traditionally reliant on having good monitoring capability of communications to one that essentially doesn’t provide that anymore.”

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