Advanced Persistent Threat

  • Russian-Speaking Turla Joins APT Elite

    April 3, 2017

    In the waning moments of his 2016 talk at the Security Analyst Summit, Thomas Rid had a drop-the-mic moment when he disclosed there were likely links between the infamous Moonlight Maze cyberespionage operation of the mid- and late-1990s and the modern-day Turla APT. Today during this year’s annual Kaspersky Lab conference, Rid, along researchers Costin Raiu and ...

  • Lazarus APT Spinoff Linked to Banking Hacks

    April 3, 2017

    The Lazarus Group, a nation-state level of attacker tied to the 2014 attacks on Sony Pictures Entertainment, has splintered off a portion of its operation to concentrate on stealing money to fund itself. The group, widely believed to be North Korean, has been linked to a February 2016 attack against the Bangladesh Central bank that resulted ...

  • Espionage Group Turla Tweaks Carbon Backdoor Malware with New Variants

    March 30, 2017

    Russian espionage group Turla has been working on various tools for years, including several new versions of Carbon, a second stage backdoor malware.  The discovery was made by researchers from ESET who claim that this malware is still under active development. Since the group is well known for changing its tools once they are exposed, it’s ...

  • Germany Fought Off Two Fancy Bear Cyber Attacks in 2016

    March 27, 2017

    Fears about Russian involvement in European elections, especially after last year’s US election, aren’t exactly unfounded or born out of paranoia. In fact, Germany says it fended off two cyber attacks coming from the same cybercriminals that targeted Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Arne Schoenbohm, a top German official, told Reuters they managed to fight off two attacks ...