Attack Surface Management 2022 Midyear Review – Part 1

The digital age is an exciting time for businesses as it offers the opportunity to be more efficient and effective with how things are done. Many companies have taken this opportunity by adopting new technologies that allow them not only to improve their operations but also to create a better culture within those organizations.

However, the digital transformation has also created a wider attack surface that encompasses more areas, including email inboxes and IoT devices. In this three-part series, Trend Micro researchers examine the most significant trends and incidents that influenced the cybersecurity landscape in the first half of the year based on our 2022 midyear roundup report.

In a study conducted in partnership with Sapio Research, Trend Micro surveyed 6,297 IT security decision-makers from 29 countries about their thoughts on the risks brought about by the growing attack surface.

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Source: Trend Micro