CEO Hacking Wave Continues As Jack Dorsey, Marissa Mayer Fall Victims to OurMine

July 10, 2016

For about an hour on Saturday, a group of Saudi hackers were able to post tweets on the account of none other than Twitter’s CEO, according to Engadget.

From the looks of the tweets, it appears that the hackers obtained access to Jack Dorsey’s Vine profile from where they were able to cross-post content to his Twitter account.

A few hours after, the hackers breached the Twitter account of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. The hackers posted the same message they always come up with: “Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security.”

Slowly but surely, the Saudi hacking group OurMine has been building a name for itself that will soon rival fellow hacking groups Anonymous, Lizard Squad, the Syrian Electronic Army, or LulzSec if things continue as they are now.

For the past few months, the group has been compromising the social media accounts of all sorts of celebrities, but recently they started a campaign aimed at Silicon Valley’s elite and their high-profile CEOs.

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