Chinese APT Targets Victims with Social Engineering and ShimRat Malware

June 15, 2016

Mofang (“to imitate” in Chinese) is the name of a newly discovered cyber-espionage group that targeted various countries around the globe since February 2012, when the group’s main malware, called ShimRat, was found by security firm Fox-IT.

While the first attacks were recorded in February, the group sprang to life in May, when attacks with ShimRat intensified, first targeting the Ministry of Commerce in Myanmar, and then two German companies in the automotive industry.

The group has mainly targeted the Myanmar government

Attacks continued in January 2013, when Mofang hit a Canadian organization, then in April and August 2013, against unknown organizations. The group finished 2013 on a high note in September when they hit a US government agency, and companies in India and Singapore.

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