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As technology and communications develop, so do the unique challenges and demanding requirements of large scale cyber operations.

ELTA’s Cyber business unit is IAI’s centre of excellence for Cyber Solutions addressing “national grade” challenges faced by nation states, critical infrastructures, law enforcement, and defense forces.

Cyber is a strategic sector for IAI. The Cyber business unit has developed unique solutions for Cyber defense, protection, monitoring, prediction, identification, intelligence and accessibility. Solutions include national-grade Cyber Early Warning centers, Cybersecurity for mission-critical systems, aviation and maritime cyber security, cyber intelligence, cellular search and rescue system, and critical cyber protection solutions. These advanced capabilities are possible due to the unique technologies developed by the Cyber business unit’s R&D and excellence centers in Israel, Singapore and Switzerland. IAI leads the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3), which offers end-to-end solutions for national cyber centers and comprises Israel’s foremost cyber companies; and the Israeli Aviation Cyber Companies Consortium (IAC3), offering cybersecurity solutions for the commercial aviation eco-system. Both consortiums were established under the auspice of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Trade’s consortiums program.

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