Compromised Website Images Camouflage ObliqueRAT Malware

The ObliqueRAT malware is now cloaking its payloads as seemingly-innocent image files that are hidden on compromised websites.

The remote access trojan (RAT), which has been operating since 2019, spreads via emails, which have malicious Microsoft Office documents attached. Previously, payloads were embedded into the documents themselves. Now, if users click on the attachment, they’re redirected to malicious URLs where the payloads are hidden with steganography.

Researchers warn that this new tactic has been seen helping ObliqueRAT operators to avoid detection during the malware’s targeting of various organizations in South Asia — where the goal is to ultimately sends victims an email with malicious Microsoft Office documents, which, once clicked, fetch the payloads and ultimately exfiltrate various data from the victim.

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Source: ThreatPost