Cybersecurity Risks of Connected Cars

As the use of connected cars becomes more common, the technologies that power or support these vehicles continue to evolve. This provides a host of benefits, but just like any other technology, this new territory comes with some risks. In our paper, we add some substantial information to our research from last year, in order to further delve into the threats that could jeopardize connected cars. Here, we give an overview of related technologies and concepts such as 5G, the cloud, fleet management, and the traditional IT sphere, including what they bring to connected cars and the potential threats that are associated with them.

Connected Cars and 5G

With regard to 5G in connected cars, it’s important to consider how 5G links a vehicle to its surroundings through cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X). While C-V2X also functions for 4G-connected vehicles, in 5G C-V2X comes into maturity. C-V2X is intended to thoroughly make a 5G car a part of the environment around it, making it capable of reacting to events.

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Source: TrendMicro