New Advancements in 5G, Autonomous Vehicles to Drive Market Growth

Various giants in the 5G and connected car industries have recently announced new technological advancements that could drive further growth in the autonomous vehicle market.

Sony, NTT DOCOMO, Hyundai, Singtel, and Ford just unveiled their latest ventures that could lead to better technologies- a move that can improve connected cars of the future.

The Sony Corporation partnered with NTT DOCOMO to remotely control Sony’s Social Cart (SC-1) entertainment carrying passengers in Guam from a Tokyo base via a 5G network.

SC-1 has image sensors that far outwit human vision. These are mounted on the vehicle’s front, rear, and sides, enabling high-resolution video of the vehicle’s perimeter to be viewed by a remote operator. The highly sensitive sensors, combined with the high-resolution monitors allow the operator to see the surroundings clearly, even at night.

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Source: Trend Micro