Cyber Security: Threats and Responses for Government and Business Conference

Healthcare, Blockchain and Digital Trust
5 – 6 June 2018, Christ Church College, Oxford, UK

The second annual conference on Threats and Responses to Cyber Security. Provisional keynote speakers include Pauline Neville Jones and a senior GCHQ official. The number of attendees are limited to 60.

Price for individuals: – $450 US Dollars or GBP equivalent.

Sponsorship options are available at $1500 US Dollars and guarantees mention in the program but also a speaking slot if desired.

Registration and Payment: – Payment can be made in advance or at the conference (cheques and cash accepted). Please reserve your place by 29 May 2018 by contacting: Jack Сaravelli at [email protected]

Presentations format: – The conference organisers will allow the speakers to make presentations on areas of personal interest and choose topics at their discretion. Last year presentations included speakers from the US, UK, Japan, Italy and Germany. This year we are hoping to expand that list, possibly for those in the Middle East.

About the conference organisers:

Dr Jack Caravelli is the author of the recently published book, “The Age of Hatred: ISIS, Iran and the New Middle East”, which is listed on the UK and US Amazon websites. His career in service to the US government included a senior assignment on the White House National Security Council staff, where he was President Bill Clinton’s principal adviser on Russian and Middle Eastern non-proliferation issues. Mr Caravelli also served as a senior official at the US Department of Energy, where he managed the department’s threat reduction programmes, which worked in Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union to secure nuclear and radioactive materials at risk of theft or diversion. He is also the author of other books on national security policy, has appeared on the BBC and is a regular guest on various US television and radio talk shows. He is a visiting professor at the UK Defence Academy.

Dr. Chris Jones is a venture investor and expert in human behavior. He founded trUStr.US and speaks regularly on digital health, biocyber and blockchain technologies. As recipient of the Overseas Research Studentship, American Friends Scholarship and Bertarelli Prize, he received both the MSc and DPhil from Christ Church, University of Oxford. Mr. Jones has spoken in British Parliament and his doctoral work has had an impact on UK National Policy. He is Associate Professor of Behavioral Economics at Arizona State University in Phoenix, and fellow of the European Society for International Political Economy in Brussels. An elected member of the Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (CEPAC), his work has appeared in diverse journals including the British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine and PLOSOne.