Cybercrime: Finance workers most likely to ignore cybersecurity protection

December 7, 2015

Finance workers are most likely to circumvent their company’s cybersecurity protection – despite also being the industry that’s hit hardest by cybercrime.

One in five working in the finance and insurance sector admitted they ignore cybersecurity policies, according to new research which also found that Britons have little to no idea how to protect themselves from online crooks.

Some 35 per cent of those polled said they “don’t fully understand” what constitutes an online security risk. This is the highest percentage in the EU. In France, only 17 per cent admitted to the same, according to the survey from security firm Palo Alto Networks.

The finance industry’s lax attitude to cybersecurity may seem surprising considering the sector is also the one most at risk from attacks, with a full one in four businesses becoming the victims of cybercrime last year alone.

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