Cybersecurity gap blocks Pentagon from a Lockheed F-35 database

February 1, 2016

The Pentagon hasn’t had updated information on maintenance of the F-35 jet since May because a Lockheed Martin Corp. database doesn’t meet new government cybersecurity requirements, according to the Defense Department’s testing office.

“Because of this non-compliance government personnel have not been able to access the database via government networks,” and that’s preventing a Pentagon-Lockheed team “from holding the planned reviews of maintenance records,” Michael Gilmore, the Defense Department’s testing chief, said in an assessment of the F-35, the costliest U.S. weapons program.

The shortfall in Lockheed’s database for engine and air- frame maintenance under security requirements imposed in August by U.S. Cyber Command is among computer security deficiencies outlined in Gilmore’s annual report on major weapons systems, posted Monday on his office’s website.

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