Cybersecurity law for critical infrastructure welcomed by panel of MEPs

June 14, 2016

MEPs sitting on the internal market committee have welcomed plans for a new cybersecurity law, which was approved by national ministers in May.

The Network and Information Security (NIS) directive will require “essential services” operators and “digital service providers” to notify the authorities about any cyber “incidents.”

The committee will vote on Tuesday and is expected to give the plan its blessing. The European Parliament as a whole is then likely to follow suit, paving the way for national laws in the next two years.

The law will apply to critical infrastructure including air traffic control, energy networks, and financial systems.

“This piece of legislation will allow countries all across Europe to set up teams of national experts and to work together and cooperate,” said Conservative MEP Vicky Ford. “This has been an incredibly sensitive negotiation, because to make us all more secure we need to work together, but we also need to respect the member states competencies in national security.”

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