Cybersecurity to Get $15M Boost from DOE

July 25, 2016

The Department of Energy will provide the support in a three-year partnership with NRECA and the American Public Power Association. NRECA will use its $7.5 million share to make cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise and technology more accessible to the co-op community.

“Cooperatives well understand that no utility is immune from attack. We also understand that protecting the electric grid is a challenge the utility sector must solve. By collaborating with our partners, and giving the nation’s more than 900 co-ops access to advanced cybersecurity technology and training, we can lift all boats,” said NRECA COO Jeffrey Connor.

Co-ops own and maintain 2.5 million miles, or 42 percent, of the nation’s electric distribution lines and serve 42 million people in 47 states. Together NRECA and APPA serve 26 percent of U.S. electricity consumers.

“Our goal is continual improvement against cyber and physical attacks,” said Cynthia Hsu, NRECA cybersecurity program manager. “DOE’s assistance will go a long way toward helping us design cybersecurity training targeted to meeting co-op needs, working with member co-ops to enhance the security of their systems, and helping co-ops identify priorities in the fight against evolving threats.”

The DOE award is subject to congressional approval.

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