DDoS attacks in Q2 2022

Politically-motivated cyberattacks dominated the DDoS landscape in the second quarter of 2022 just as they did in the previous reporting period. ALtahrea Team, a group targeting NATO and its partners, attacked public transportation websites in Israel and the United Kingdom. Israel saw a cyberattack on the Airports Authority, and UK, an attack on the Port of London Authority. Also attributed to the group are cyberattacks on websites affiliated with the Turkish ministry of defense.

Attacks linked in some way or another to the Russia-Ukraine conflict continued too. The pro-Russian hacktivists Killnet, which first surfaced in January 2022, claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks on the websites of various European organizations from April through June. Starting on April 18, Czech government and public transportation websites, including those of the rail authority and airports, came under attack.

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Source: Kaspersky