DDoS attacks in Q4 2021

Q4 2021 saw the appearance of several new DDoS botnets. A zombie network, named Abcbot by researchers, first hit the radar in July, but at the time it was little more than a simple scanner attacking Linux systems by brute-forcing weak passwords and exploiting known vulnerabilities. In October, the botnet was upgraded with DDoS functionality. Then in December, researchers at Cado Security linked the botnet to the Xanthe cryptojacking group. This is further evidence that the same botnets are often used for mining and DDoS.

The EwDoor botnet, which first came to researchers’ attention in late October, turned out to be more picky than Abcbot. This zombie network consists solely of EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controller devices located on AT&T carrier networks. The bot infiltrated the devices through the CVE-2017-6079 vulnerability, which allows execution of arbitrary commands. By exploiting a bug in the bot itself (one of the first versions accessed a non-existent C2 server registered by researchers), Netlab 360 managed to detect 5,700 infected devices. However, the cybercriminals later severed communication with this server. AT&T is investigating attacks on EdgeMarc devices.

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Source: Kaspersky