DDoS Exploit Targets Open Source Rejetto HFS

March 2, 2015

Apparently no vulnerability is too small, no application too obscure, to escape a hacker’s notice.

A honeypot run by Trustwave’s SpiderLabs research team recently snared an automated attack targeting users of the open source Rejetto HTTP File Server (Rejetto HFS). Someone was trying to exploit a vulnerability—which has since been patched—and install the well-known distributed denial-of-service tool IptabLes (unrelated to the Linux tool), also known as IptabLex.

Rejetto HFS has been downloaded more than 24,000 times in the last seven days and according to the project’s website has an estimated 12,500 users and is used as a file-sharing application as well as a webserver. It also runs on Wine, the Windows emulator for Linux systems.

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