Does modern cyber security damage productivity?

August 18, 2016

In order to remain competitive businesses must embrace a more connected, mobile workforce and strategy, in keeping with the digital economy.

In line with this digital shift, should be an evolution of cyber security systems.

This could take the form of increased sharing in cyber threat intelligence, increased threat awareness with businesses, and constant advancements in cyber security solutions.

Cyber defence, however, is still some way behind the continually erratic and growing threat from cyber attacks.

As a result, according to a survey by Okta, out of 300 IT leaders 65% expect a serious data breach to hit their business within the next year.

The main issue, highlighted by the report, is that IT leaders simply lack an understanding and insight surrounding cyber security.

There is a lack of awareness and foresight.

80% of respondents pointed to weak passwords or weak access controls as a security issue.

Modern security protocols are a shining light in surviving the digital transformation, but there is a stigma surrounding their implementation.

Just over half (52%) of IT leaders believe their current security solutions compromise productivity, while 48% believe their security measures enable the organisation to adopt best of breed solutions that enable productivity and agility.

There is a clear split between organisations on whether they believe their current security solutions are enabling or compromising productivity and agility.

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