Eastern European org hit by second record-smashing DDoS attack

Akamai says it has absorbed the largest-ever publicly known distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack – an assault against an unfortunate Eastern European organization that went beyond 700 million packets per second.

This latest tsunami of traffic hit on Monday, according to the web infrastructure biz, and we’re told the cybercriminals responsible for the earlier record-setting DDoS flood in July were behind this latest one, too. In fact, they targeted the same customer, which Akamai didn’t name, the second time around.

For comparison, the July attack peaked at 659.6 Mpps with the organization coming under attack 75 times at its primary data center. This week’s peaked at 704.8 Mpps, Akamai said, and hit six global locations 201 times. The packets were primarily UDP in both incidents, and while the July attack targeted 512 IP addresses, the September attack went after 1,813 in total, it’s said.

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Source: The Register