15th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS-2016)

ECCWS 2016 Banner7-8th July 2016, Munich, Germany

Cyber security issues are at the forefront of IS research as the increase in Web services and online operations for various industries and critical businesses has led to an increase in different threats and malicious activities. The security community have witnessed a significant increase in security threats, violations and spread of different types of malware. Therefore, critical industries must keep their operational environment secure and resilient against constantly evolving cyber threats. There are several strong strands of research and interest that are developing in the area including the understanding of threats and risks to information systems, the development of a strong security culture, as well as incident detection and post incident investigation.

ECCWS is a platform for individuals from academe, the military and industry to share research and experiences in the field. At ECCWS 2016 there will be a focus on threat assessment, Cross-discipline Research in Cyber Security, Digital Forensics Advances, the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Security. This year’s keynote presentations will come from an industry perspective with speakers Kai Horten from ESG Elektroniksystem- and Logistik-GmbH and from Detlef Houdeau from Infineon Technologies AG.

ECCWS 2016 is being held at the Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany where the Conference Chair is Prof. Dr. Gabi Dreo Rodosek. The conference offers a unique opportunity for sharing ideas and learning from others.

For more details about the conference please see: www.academic-conferences.org/conferences/eccws

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