3rd SCADA & Cyber Security for Power and Utilities Industry 2016

banner Utility 150-1503rd SCADA & Cyber Security for Power and Utilities Industry 2016 will gather selected IT expert senior decision-makers from leading Key Players in Power & Utility Industry to exchange the knowledge, expertise, challenges and best practices in a business – friendly environment. The event will focus on practical sessions and brainstorming of main crucial issues, cyber threats (internal and external), latest EU legislative updates, critical SCADA infrastructures, ICS secure development life-cycle and convergence of IT & OT.

All speaking sessions, which are vital to cyber security challenges, are chosen based on highly qualified suggestions from industry professionals. Attending our 3rd annual will enable you to network with cyber security peers during face-to-face sessions and the event is an excellent opportunity for sharing the ideas and ongoing challenges in the energy and utilities field.

Speaker panel includes experts from:

  • Vattenfall GmbH
  • Laborec GDF Suez Energy Europe (Engie)
  • Alliander N.V.
  • RWE
  • Open Energi
  • SIM-CI Critical Infrastructure Simulations
  • GE Energy
  • Waterfall Security Solutions
  • EnBW
  • Edison Spa
  • EDP (Energias de Portugal)
  • Real-time System Laboratory (RTSLAB), Linköping University
  • FOX IT
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • NextNine

Topics to be addressed:

  • NIS Directive: future implementations & main challenges of execution
  • APT attacks for information system in Ukraine 2015-2016 (BlackEnergy)
  • Threats and possibilities with IoT in critical infrastructures
  • Convergence of IT and OT processes in the age of cloud-driven business
  • ICS secure development life-cycle, design & architecture
  • Cloud-based SCADA security hurdles
  • Mobile threats & effects of mobility
  • Cyber-psychopathy: Motives of Cyber Criminals
  • Cyber Threat intelligence
  • Cyber Hardening System
  • Migration of SCADA to IP based system-Private Cloud

Contact details:
David Schkade – [email protected]