Chatham House Cyber 2017 conference, 26-27 June 2017, Chatham House, London

Secure cyber connectivity is vital for nations, businesses and individuals but internationally, differences in cyber policy are emerging, affecting issues from data protection to national security.
Attempts to exert greater control over cyberspace and incidences of cyber espionage have given rise to political tensions between countries, as well as between citizens and their governments. In this context, the risk of an increasingly fragmented cyberspace is very real, but without the ability for data to flow freely much of the value of cyber connectivity will be diminished.

This 5th annual Chatham House Cyber conference will address:

  • The potential of the ‘internet of things’, and how increased cyber security vulnerabilities can be managed and liabilities attributed
  • Progress toward international harmonization to ease digital data transfer
  • Quantifying and managing business critical cyber risks in financial services
  • International cyber crime resilience building
  • Cyber defence and international security cooperation

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