The POLSECURE, the police, safety and security expo

27 – 29 April 2022, Kielce, Poland

POLSECURE has been crafted around the police and law enforcement services, all services responsible for broadly defined public safety and security as well as threats protection, be it virtual and real. In addition to the Police, the expo is targeted at the State Protection Service, Border Guard, Municipal Police, GOPR Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, WOPR Volunteer Water Rescue Service, TOPR Tatra Region’s Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, prison services, intelligence services, port and airport security agencies, property protection agencies, detective service providers, City Guards, representatives of local authorities – cities, municipalities, poviats; as well as Higher Education Institutions and among them police and uniformed services universities.

POLSECURE agenda includes the International Police Conference designed to exchange experiences and enhance cooperation between uniformed services and other safety, security and protection bodies. The Conference will be organized in cooperation with the Polish Police Headquarters. The mail thematic panels of Conference include cybersecurity and Police modernisation.

Product and service range:

Safety and security

  • surveillance and supervision technology
  • public places and transport safety
  • ports and border security
  • financial systems security
  • anti & counter terrorism solutions


  • armaments
  • personal protection equipment
  • search and rescue equipment
  • special purpose vehicles
  • forensics
  • forensic medicine

Command and control

  • command and control systems
  • ICT systems
  • communication
  • logistics
  • trainings
  • psychology


  • data protection
  • cyber-attacks protection
  • terrorism detection
  • information systems

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