Fancy Bears Hackers Leak Another Batch of Useless WADA Files

September 15, 2016

Russian hackers using the name Fancy Bears and posing as an offshoot of the Anonymous hacker collective have released more files they stole from WADA servers this past summer.

The group popped up online two days ago, and it claimed to have hacked WADA, releasing documents which they said showed that four US athletes were doping.

The documents proved to be nothing more than Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs), which every athlete is allowed to request when he/she undergoes a medical procedure or cures an ailment that requires more potent drugs not allowed by WADA rules.

It’s safe to say that EVERYBODY does it, not just US athletes, but Fancy Bears didn’t seem to care since they only wanted media agencies around the world to run click-bait and false articles about how US athletes doped. Two days later, it’s safe to say: Mission accomplished!

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