FinSpy: unseen findings

FinSpy, also known as FinFisher or Wingbird, is an infamous surveillance toolset. Kaspersky has been tracking deployments of this spyware since 2011. Historically, its Windows implant was distributed through a single-stage installer. This version was detected and researched several times up to 2018. Since that year, we observed a decreasing detection rate of FinSpy for Windows. While the nature of this anomaly remained unknown, we began detecting some suspicious installers of legitimate applications, backdoored with a relatively small obfuscated downloader. We were unable to cluster those packages until the middle of 2019 when we found a host that served these installers among FinSpy Mobile implants for Android.

Over the course of our investigation, we found out that the backdoored installers are nothing more than first stage implants that are used to download and deploy further payloads before the actual FinSpy Trojan.

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Source: Kaspersky