Firefox’s ban of SHA-1 certs causing some security issues, Mozilla warns

January 7, 2016

Mozilla has warned Firefox users that its decision to reject SHA-1 certificates has caused an unfortunate side effect: some man-in-the-middle devices, such as security scanners and antivirus products, are failing to connect to HTTPS sites.

The browser maker advised any netizens affected by the interference to install the latest version of Firefox, which reinstates support for SHA-1.

Indeed, ’tis the season for browser upgrades. As Ars reported on Tuesday, Microsoft has been furiously nudging Internet Explorer holdouts over to the latest versions of its browser.

Mozilla banned new certificates signed with the SHA-1 digest algorithm as of January 1 this year.

Firefox fans affected by Mozilla’s decision to shun the hashing algorithm were advised to make sure that their systems—such as AV software and security scanning kit—were up-to-date, given that many vendors are now moving away from the weak SHA-1.

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