From Albania to the Middle East: The Scarred Manticore is listening

Check Point Research, in collaboration with Sygnia’s Incident Response Team, has been tracking and responding to the activities of Scarred Manticore, an Iranian nation-state threat actor that primarily targets government and telecommunication sectors in the Middle East.

Scarred Manticore, linked to the prolific Iranian actor OilRig (a.k.a APT34, EUROPIUM, Hazel Sandstorm), has persistently pursued high-profile organizations, leveraging access to systematically exfiltrate data using tailor-made tools. In the latest campaign, the threat actor leveraged the LIONTAIL framework, a sophisticated set of custom loaders and memory resident shellcode payloads. LIONSTAIL’s implants utilize undocumented functionalities of the HTTP.sys driver to extract payloads from incoming HTTP traffic.

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Source: Check Point Research