Federal Agencies Face A New Era Of Cybersecurity Threats

Federal agencies should implement new procedures to ensure their workforce is prepared for new cybersecurity threats, warned a federal report Tuesday.

The current digital era has brought about technologies that have radically changed society, and allowed for a more convenient way to complete tasks and share information. They’ve also brought new threats that make cybersecurity an important component to protecting private information.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) looked at how federal agencies should better prepare their cybersecurity workforce for the ever-evolving threats. The report suggests federal agencies should identify skill gaps, recruit a qualified workforce, and review their hiring guidelines to ensure they aren’t losing needed talent.

“Threats to federal IT infrastructure continue to grow in number and sophistication, posing a risk to the reliable functioning of our government,” the report said. “Compounding the risk, systems used by federal agencies often have security vulnerabilities.”


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