Hacker Selling Entire US Voters’ Registration Records on Dark Net

July 18, 2016

It’s raining confidential data on the Dark Net. It seems that every few days someone is offering data on there that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Recently, we discovered a seller going by the online handle of ”DataDirect” is claiming to have full access to voter registration records of the citizens of the United States and offering buyers state by state voters’ records where the price for each state is 0.5 BTC (340.38 US Dollar).

At present, it is hard to say if the offered data is legit but the same seller is also offering Thomson Reuters World-Check terrorist database on the same Dark Net Marketplace ”The Real Deal.”

According to the listing’s description “US voter registration records. Selling the DB on a State-by-State basis. 0.5 BTC per state (you must tell me which State you want. Some people think it’s unfair to make each State cost the same amount because some States are much bigger than others. I think it’s just easier this way.”

An important fact about the data is that in December 2015 security researcher Chris Vickery found 191 million US voter registration records online in an unprotected folder however it’s unclear whether the DataDirect seller downloaded the data from the same place or he stole the data from some government server. Nevertheless, another important aspect of this news is that back in December, Vickery stated that there was a lack of interest shown by the authorities in recovering the data or taking the database off from public view.

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