Hacking Team: The Android Connection

August 20, 2015

In the crush of news about the Hacking Team attacks and the subsequent flurry of vulnerabilities, mainly affecting Adobe, there was one piece of critical information for Android users that many have overlooked. 

Among the tricks and tools that we’ve discovered the Hacking Team has at their disposal is a particularly nasty piece of Android malware known as RCSAndroid or Remote Control System Android. 

This particular piece of malware was sold by the company as a tool for monitoring targets. Unlike other malware, this particular malware was designed to be installed on a phone and never be discovered. It provides whoever installs it with complete, near-invisible control of the Android phone.

Unlike other malware for PCs or Android, this particular malware is optimized to be a true spying tool. Among the things that it does when installed included capturing information about what was on the Android device’s screen, collecting text and SMS messages, gathering email, taking photos. This malware is even optimized to tap phone conversations and turn on the built in microphone to record conversations.

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