How much security is enough?

According to a prominent Soviet science fiction writer, beauty is a fine line, a razor’s edge between two opposites locked in a never-ending battle. Today, we would put it less poetically as an ideal compromise between contradictions. An elegant, or beautiful, design is one that allows reaching that compromise.

As an information security professional, I like elegant designs – all the more so because trade-off is a prerequisite for an information security manager’s success: in particular, trade-off between the level of security and its cost in the most practical, literal sense.

A common perception in the infosec community is that there can never be too much security, but it is understood that “too much” security is expensive – and sometimes, prohibitively so – from a business perspective. So, where is that fine line that defines “just enough” security, how much is enough, and how does one prove this to decision-makers? This is what I want to talk about.

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Source: Kaspersky