How to recover files encrypted by Yanlouwang ransomware

anluowang is a type of targeted ransomware discovered by the Symantec Threat Hunter team as they were investigating an incident on a large corporate network. Kaspersky experts have found a vulnerability in the Yanluowang encryption algorithm and created a free decryptor to help victims of this ransomware with recovering their files.

Yanluowang description
The ransomware is relatively recent, its name a reference to the Chinese deity Yanluo Wang, one of the Ten Kings of Hell. Unfortunately, we do not know much about the victims. According to Kaspersky Security Network data, attacks have been carried out in the United States, Brazil, Turkey and a few other countries. The low number of infections is due to the targeted nature of the ransomware: threat actors prepare and implement attacks on specific companies only.

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Source: Kaspersky