IBM announces national cybersecurity facility in Canberra

June 29, 2016

IBM has announced the creation of a cybersecurity centre in Canberra aimed to bring about greater cybersecurity resilience and collaboration between Australia’s governments and businesses on strategy and policy.

The new facility, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), will connect to IBM’s international network of over 12 security operations centres which, the firm said, “manage 20 billion events per day for more than 3,700 clients”.

Seven thousand of the firm’s security professionals will also provide the centre with “unique insight into global threat trends”, including research from IBM’s X­Force Research team.

IBM explained that this would include the application of “emerging” security analytics and cognitive capabilities, which will help to anticipate and respond to evolving security threats.

Planned to “enable a shift from cyber hygiene to cyber resilience”, the NCSC will also work with the IBM Australian Security Development Lab on the Gold Coast to access new IBM technologies.

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