Israeli Police Arrest Owners of vDos DDoS-for-Hire Service

September 11, 2016

Israeli police arrested on Thursday two 18-year-olds, Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, the alleged owners of a DDoS-for-Hire service named vDos, recently exposed by infosec journalist Brian Krebs.

According to local newspaper TheMarker, police released both on a $10,000 bond on Friday but prohibited them from using their computers and phones.

On the same day, massive DDoS attacks targeted the website of Brian Krebs. The journalist says that some packets had an embedded message that read “GoDieFaggot.” Krebs tweeted that the attacks initially reached 20 Gbps, then grew to 128 Gbps and peaked at 140 Gbps.

The two were arrested after an FBI investigation

Another Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, claims the two were arrested following a tip-off from the FBI. Krebs confirmed the information on his site, saying that the two were indeed under an FBI investigation.

While conducting business as vDos owners, Itay Huri used the P1st or M30W nicknames while Yarden Bidani was known as AppleJ4ck.

A Twitter account for a man named Yarden Bidani using the @AppleJ4ck_vDos username sent out two tweets on March 7, 2015, claiming he launched a DDoS attack against the Pentagon website.

One of the tweets featured a daring message that read, “@FBI #DDOSED arrest me pussies.”

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