Kaspersky Lab cites growing cyber threats

March 10, 2015

Eugene Kaspersky’s business has grown by double-digits and shows no sign of slowing. He jets from European capitals to the Middle East to conferences in Cancun, Mexico. And he can rent a Ferrari whenever he wishes, a perk of sponsoring a Formula One race team.

Cyber crime has been good to the former Soviet cryptographer.

Aside from the criminals themselves, few have benefited from the rise in cyber threats as much as Kaspersky and the Moscow-based Internet security company he founded, Kaspersky Lab, which has its US headquarters in Woburn. Kaspersky was in Boston Monday to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in the United States, a market that he still sees as untapped as more industries and products — televisions, refrigerators, and smartphones — become interconnected through the Internet.