Lazarus APT Uses Modular Backdoor to Target Financial Institutions

The advanced persistent threat group Lazarus with North Korean links has been observed using a modular backdoor during last week to compromise a series of Latin American financial institutions by Trend Micro’s Lenart Bermejo and Joelson Soares.

As unearthed by the Trend Micro research team, the APT38 threat group successfully compromised a number of computing systems owned by multiple financial institutions from Latin America.

Lazarus used a backdoor malware to infiltrate their targets, with the malicious tool being discovered on the impacted systems sometime during last week.

Moreover, according to Trend Micro, Lazarus’ backdoor was planted on the Latin American financial institutions’ computers on September 19, based on the creation time of the services it started once it managed to compromise its targets.

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Source: Softpedia