LCG Kit: Sophisticated builder for Malicious Microsoft Office Documents

Proofpoint researchers discovered “LCG Kit,” a weaponized document builder service, in March 2018.  Since we began tracking LCG Kit, we have observed it using the Microsoft Equation Editor CVE-2017-11882 [1] exploit in various forms. More recently, its authors have integrated a VB Script exploit, CVE-2018-8174 [2], which has been used used in limited email campaigns. Finally, at the end of November, LCG Kit added the ability to use Microsoft Word macros instead of exploits to load the shellcode responsible for installing malware payloads.

LCG Kit is somewhat unusual in that the code is highly obfuscated using polymorphic shellcode and a Linear Congruential Generator (LCG) — an algorithm to generate a sequence of pseudorandom numbers — to encrypt the final stage of the code, including the payload locations. We named LCG Kit due to this unique feature.

Due to the widespread appearance of malicious attachments created with LCG Kit in a number of email campaigns,, we presume that it may be for sale on underground forums. LCG Kit appears to be popular with small crimeware groups for spreading Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and stealers including Loki Bot, FormBook, Agent Tesla, Remcos, AZORult, Revcode RAT, Quasar RAT and more in campaigns that typically involve thousands of malicious email messages. Colleagues at Cisco Talos described one such campaign in October [4].

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Source: Proofpoint