Lloyds Bank Taunts Hackers by Saying Cyber-Attacks Are Down 90 Percent

May 30, 2016

Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola, Lloyds Bank Group’s Director of Digital, Marketing & Customer Development, has told The Telegraph that his company saw a decline in cyber-attacks of almost 90 percent in the past two months.

Lloyds’ head of digital products says the company has heavily invested in cyber-security solutions, declining to name what kind of mitigations they used, but the results were quick to follow, especially after the company saw an increased number of DDoS attacks hitting its infrastructure and that of other banks.

Sola: Attackers moved to other less protected industries

“There had been an increase in the UK in terms of cyber attacks, between June and February this year,” Sola told The Telegraph. “However, over the last two months I have had five-times less than at the end of last year.”

Sola also told reporters that its company started to collaborate with law enforcement on a regular basis, but he also says criminals were opportunistic enough to move away from a hardened target to something easier to attack.

Sola specifically mentions the UK telecommunications industry, which saw its fair share of cyber-attacks in the past year, starting with the TalkTalk data breach.

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