Mystic Stealer Revisited

Mystic Stealer is a relatively new downloader and information stealer that emerged in early 2023. The malware harvests data from a large number of web browsers and cryptocurrency wallet applications. Mystic can also be used to steal Steam game credentials and arbitrary files from an infected system. Mystic stands out for the level of obfuscation and improvements with each new version of the malware. The code continues to evolve and expand the data theft capabilities and the network communication was updated from a custom binary TCP-based protocol to an HTTP-based protocol. The shift to HTTP may be due to Mystic Stealer failing to beacon back to a C2 server in corporate environments, which frequently block network traffic on non-standard ports. The new modifications have led to increased popularity with criminal threat actors leveraging its loader functionality to distribute additional malware families including RedLine, DarkGate, and GCleaner.

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Source: Zscaler