NATO Declares Cyber an Official Warfare Battleground, Next to Air, Sea and Land

June 17, 2016

The North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) has officially announced that “cyber” will become an official battleground for its members, which means that cyber-attacks on one country will trigger a collective military response from the entire alliance.

The announcement comes from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who made this statement while speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday, June 14, Bild reports.

Official warfare domains are now air, sea, land, and cyber

NATO’s Article 5 dictates that any attack on one of its members is to be considered an attack on all, and the response should come from all. Until now, this has meant military assaults via air, sea, and land.

In the past years, cyber-attacks have become the norm, creating an alternative battleground where there are no limits and alliances.

Iranian, Chinese, and Russian hackers have been tearing the US and other Western powers apart, and in most cases, countries just issued “official accusations,” and nothing more.

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