Network Security

  • Tomiris called, they want their Turla malware back

    April 24, 2023

    Kaspersky introduced Tomiris to the world in September 2021, following their investigation of a DNS-hijack against a government organization in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Kaspersky researchers initial report described links between a Tomiris Golang implant and SUNSHUTTLE (which has been associated to NOBELIUM/APT29/TheDukes) as well as Kazuar (which has been associated to Turla); ...

  • Decoy Dog malware toolkit found after analyzing 70 billion DNS queries

    April 23, 2023

    A new enterprise-targeting malware toolkit called ‘Decoy Dog’ has been discovered after inspecting anomalous DNS traffic that is distinctive from regular internet activity. Decoy Dog helps threat actors evade standard detection methods through strategic domain aging and DNS query dribbling, aiming to establish a good reputation with security vendors before switching to facilitating cybercrime operations. Read more… Source: ...

  • State-sponsored campaigns target global network infrastructure

    April 18, 2023

    Recently, the UK’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) released a report on a sustained campaign by a Russian intelligence agency targeting a vulnerability in routers that Cisco had published a patch for in 2017. This campaign, dubbed “Jaguar Tooth,” is an example of a much broader trend of sophisticated adversaries targeting networking infrastructure to advance ...

  • WiFi protocol flaw allows attackers to hijack network traffic

    March 28, 2023

    Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a fundamental security flaw in the design of the IEEE 802.11 WiFi protocol standard, allowing attackers to trick access points into leaking network frames in plaintext form. WiFi frames are data containers consisting of a header, data payload, and trailer, which include information such as the source and destination MAC address, control, ...

  • Suspected Chinese cyber spies target unpatched SonicWall devices

    March 9, 2023

    Suspected Chinese cyber criminals have zeroed in on unpatched SonicWall gateways and are infecting the devices with credential-stealing malware that persists through firmware upgrades, according to Mandiant. The spyware targets the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 Series – a gateway device that provides VPN access to remote users. Read more… Source: The Register  

  • These DrayTek routers are under actual attack – and there’s no patch

    March 8, 2023

    If you’re still using post-support DrayTek Vigor routers it may be time to junk them, or come up with some other workaround, as a cunning malware variant is setting up shop in the kit. The operators behind the Hiatus malware campaign are hijacking DrayTek Vigor router models 2960 and 3900 powered by MIPS, i386 and Arm-based ...

  • Subdomain Reputation: Detecting Malicious Subdomains of Public Apex Domains

    March 2, 2023

    Cybercriminals regularly leverage popular dynamic domain name system (DDNS) or web hosting services to store and distribute their content. Threat actors leverage these for command and control (C2), malware distribution and phishing. This abuse has created the need for new detection methods for malicious subdomains. DDNS and web hosting services often allow people to serve content ...

  • CISA Releases Decider Tool to Help with MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

    March 1, 2023

    Today, CISA released Decider, a free tool to help the cybersecurity community map threat actor behavior to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Created in partnership with the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute™ (HSSEDI) and MITRE, Decider helps make mapping quick and accurate through guided questions, a powerful search and filter function, and a cart ...

  • CISA Red Team shares key findings to improve monitoring and hardening of networks

    February 28, 2023

    Today, CISA released a Cybersecurity Advisory, CISA Red Team Shares Key Findings to Improve Monitoring and Hardening of Networks. This advisory describes a red team assessment of a large critical infrastructure organization with a mature cyber posture. CISA is releasing this Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) detailing the red team’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and key ...

  • Suffolk County starting to restore online services amid months-long cyberattack

    February 18, 2023

    Suffolk County has been suffering through a massive cyberattack for months, but progress has been made to restore security. Social security numbers of 26,000 county employees and drivers license numbers of 470,000 were exposed or accessed. Read more… Source: MSN News