New Android Spyware Tools Emerge in Widespread Surveillance Campaign

Researchers have uncovered a surveillance campaign, dating back to at least 2013, which has used a slew of Android surveillanceware tools to spy on the Uyghur ethnic minority group.

The campaign uses three never-before-seen Android surveillanceware tools, dubbed SilkBean, GoldenEagle and CarbonSteal, and one previously disclosed tool, DoubleAgent. The purpose of these tools is to gather and exfiltrate personal user data to attacker-operated command-and-control (C2) servers.

“Many samples of these malware tools were trojanized legitimate apps, i.e., the malware maintained complete functionality of the applications they were impersonating in addition to its hidden malicious capabilities,” said Lookout security researchers Apurva Kumar, Christoph Hebeisen and Kristin Del Rosso, in a Wednesday analysis.

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Source: ThreatPost