Improved cyber security for General Election after Russian hacking scandal

Cyber security chiefs are to give fresh guidance to protect the general election from being disrupted by hackers.

Just weeks ago, Ciaran Martin, chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, briefed political party bosses on how they can defend their organisations from online attacks.

They were given an overview of threats, case studies on recent cyber incidents, actions to take to reduce the risks, and advice on how to respond to successful and attempted intrusions.

The move came as the FBI continued to investigate claims of Russian hacking of the US presidential election to favour Donald Trump. The Kremlin denies the allegations.

The NCSC said that the UK electoral system does not lend itself to electronic manipulation as voting and counting of ballots are manual processes conducted under the eye of observers. But it will issue guidance on protective measures for political parties, the Electoral Commission and town halls carrying out counts.

A spokesman added: “We have systems in place to defend against electoral fraud at all levels and have seen no successful cyber intervention in UK democratic processes.

“The NCSC offers political parties access to the best cyber security guidance and support, and will be refreshing cyber security guidance to the range of bodies involved in the election.”

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