Conti Gang Demands $40M Ransom from Florida School District

The Conti Gang has demanded a $40 million ransom from a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., school district after a ransomware attack last month. Attackers stole personal information from students and teachers, disrupted the district’s networks, and caused some services to be unavailable.

The incident that was discovered on March 7 at Broward County Public Schools drew limited attention at the time of attack. However, new details have emerged on, which recently posted a screenshot of a chat between attackers and a school district official about the sum of money attackers demanded. That has shed new light on the incident, given the exorbitant nature of the ransom demands.

During the conversation, attackers — who claim to be from the “ContiLocker Team” — informed the official that they had not only encrypted files, but also had downloaded “more than 1 terabyte of personal data, including financial, contracts, database and other documents” containing Social Security numbers and other personal information about teachers and students.

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Source: ThreatPost