Zero-Day Exploits in SonicWall Email Security Lead to Enterprise Compromise

In March 2021, Mandiant Managed Defense identified three zero-day vulnerabilities in SonicWall’s Email Security (ES) product that were being exploited in the wild. These vulnerabilities were executed in conjunction to obtain administrative access and code execution on a SonicWall ES device.

The adversary leveraged these vulnerabilities, with intimate knowledge of the SonicWall application, to install a backdoor, access files and emails, and move laterally into the victim organization’s network.

The vulnerabilities are being tracked in the following CVEs:

CVE-2021-20021 – 9.8 – Unauthorized administrative account creation

CVE-2021-20022 – 7.2 – Post-authentication arbitrary file upload

CVE-2021-20023 – TBD – Post-authentication arbitrary file read

Mandiant has been coordinating with the SonicWall Product Security and Incident Response Team (PSIRT) for the responsible disclosure of this information. SonicWall advises all customers and partners to upgrade to the Hotfix for Windows users, and the Hotfix for hardware and ESXi virtual appliance users. SonicWall Hosted Email Security product was automatically updated for all customers and no additional action is required for patching purposes. The hotfixes will also be superseded by the upcoming SonicWall ES 10.0.10 release.

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Source: FireEye