Emotet modules and recent attacks

Emotet was first found in the wild in 2014. Back then its main functionality was stealing user banking credentials. Since then it has survived numerous transformations, started delivering other malware and finally became a powerful botnet. In January 2021 Emotet was disrupted by a joint effort of different countries’ authorities. It took the threat actors almost 10 months to rebuild the infrastructure, whereupon Emotet returned in November. At that time, Trickbot malware was used to deliver Emotet. Now, Emotet is spreading by itself in malicious spam campaigns.

Based on recent Emotet protocol analysis and C2 responses, we can say that now Emotet can download 16 additional modules. We were able to retrieve 10 of them (including two different copies of the Spam module), used by Emotet for Credential/Password/Account/E-mail stealing and spamming. In this post, we provide a brief analysis of these modules, as well as statistics on recent Emotet attacks.

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Source: Kaspersky