Army cyber protection teams upgrade training with a ‘real’ city

The Army’s cyber protection teams are upgrading their training program to include a real-life, round-the-clock, cyberattack on a city port.

“There’s a dearth of realistic training venues,” John Nix, director of federal for SANS Institute, told FCW. “There are lots of cyber ranges, but they don’t have those rich training scenarios where you have an adversary that is being emulated — a real advanced persistent threat — and they bang away at the Cyber Protection Teams.”

A task force comprised of two CPTs will endure a weeklong, 24-hour-a-day training exercise, called the SANS Cyber Situational Training Exercise (Cyber STX), at the Indiana National Guard’s Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Ind., starting Aug. 20.

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Source: FCW